Intelligent Signal Systems Laboratory at the University of Dayton is a world class research laboratory in image processing and computer vision.  Our research focuses on three areas: physical and statistical modeling of image sensors, algorithmic development for exploitation of image data, and making meaningful inferences on the observed scene. The principal investigator is Keigo Hirakawa, an associate professor at the University of Dayton.  Research at ISSL is aimed at understanding the increasingly large role that signal systems play in the real-world. We connect the applied design efforts with the first principle ideas of mathematics and statistics to enable new capabilities in image processing and computer vision.

Research activities at ISSL is made possible in part by grants and sponsorships from National Science Foundation, Air Force Research Laboratory, Institute for Development and Commercialization of Advanced Sensor Technology, Japan Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Cisco, Ford Research, Texas Instruments, Sony Electronics, Samsung Research.

Statistical Signal Processing

Signal processing and statistics are key tools for information discovery. We accelerate nonlinear filters and develop powerful models that enable detection, prediction, and estimation.

Image Processing

Our image processing research extends the capabilities of existing sensor hardware and deliver critical technology to advance the next generation sensors.

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Computer Vision

Computer vision is a critical technology for machine intelligence. We advance scene understanding through computational photography and feature extraction.

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Color Science

Spectroscopy and color science widely influences commercial and scientific imaging applications. We recover surface reflectances to determine the appearance, identity, and the state of the objects.

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1 month ago

Congratulations to doctoral student Christina Karam for the acceptance of her paper, "Monte-Carlo Acceleration of Bilateral Filter and Non-Local Means" to IEEE Transactions on Image Processing. We ... See more

3 months ago

ISSL well represented at IEEE ICIP 2017 in Beijing

3 months ago

A new patent issued on polarmeters by PI Hirakawa.

An integrated microgrid imaging polarimeter comprises a repeating pattern of wiregrid polarizers in a new 2×4 array that improves image resolution and quality by increasing the spatial bandwidth ... See more

Intelligent Signal Systems Laboratory

PI: Keigo Hirakawa, University of Dayton
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