3D Display Crosstalk

In this work, we analyze the reproduction of light fields on multiview 3D displays. A three-way interaction between the input light field signal (which is often aliased), the joint spatioangular sampling grids of multiview 3D displays, and the interview light leakage in modern multiview 3D displays is characterized in the joint spatioangular frequency domain. Reconstruction of light fields by all physical 3D displays is prone to light leakage, which reduces sharpness of the images shown in the 3D displays. Stereoscopic image recovery is recast as a problem of joint spatioangular signal demodulation, where the combination of the 3D display point spread function and human visual system provides the narrow-band low-pass filter which removes spectral replicas in the reconstructed light field on the multiview display. The proposed light field reconstruction method performs light field antialiasing as well as angular sharpening to compensate for the nonideal response of the 3D display.


V. Ramachandra, K.H., M. Zwicker, T.Q. Nguyen, “Spatio-Angular Prefiltering for Multiview 3D Displays,” IEEE Trans. Visualization and Computer Graphics, May, 2011. [bibtex][pdf]